Verde Fuoco

The Stone

Verde Fuoco translated into English meaning “Green Fire”, is likened to the uniqueness of the fauna and flora of the Australian continent. It is unique and exotic because of the variety of movement and colours incorporating emerald epidotes and serpentine greens to blacks, browns, purple and fiery reds. It is the subtle, pronounced variations in colour afforded by the mineral assemblage that makes the characteristic signature of this stone. Verde Fuoco will compliment some of the more abundant lighter coloured dimension stones thus highlighting it as an architectural feature for internal or external décor. This is indeed an elegant and exotic option for any residential or commercial project.

Natural Stone Versus Synthetics or Ceramics

It goes without saying, no matter how perfectly or artistically a reproduction of a piece of art, a carving, or a sculpture appears in replication, or substitution, it will always be recognised as a copy, or imitation if you like. Therefore, an authentic piece of work will always stand out.

This is how we view the Verde Fuoco Metasomatite. It is an authentic, pure, durable and unreplicatible product of nature. It has its attributes from being produced raw from a natural state, “Earth”. We do not believe that the earth’s pressures and the chemical elements at play in the mineral composition forming this natural piece of art that went into shaping, composing and altering this rock, can be reproduced by man. Therefore we ask, why settle for anything other than the original, the authentic and the natural? We believe synthetics and ceramics do not compare.

Technical Data

bulk-density t/m³ 2.9 – 3.3
water absorption  by weight 0.16%

Compressive Strength (MPa)

average dry 206.3
average soaked 218.0

Flexural strength (MPa)

average dry 18.7
average soaked 23.6

Mineralogy (vol%)

Epidote 34.50%
Pyroxene 33.50%
Plagioclase 19.20%
Amphibole 11.20%
Carbonate & other minerals  1.6%

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